Becoming a Change Agent

Change is wrenching. Change is inevitable. Change is good. This workshop provides managers with the skills, tools and resources to accelerate the process of implementing change with their team members and create a work environment where employees learn to embrace change. Workshop incorporates an assessment that outlines an individual’s receptivity to change. An additional workshop is available to help individual contributors deal better with organizational changes.

Igniting Creativity

Henry Ford understood it. Thomas Edison lived for it. Steve Jobs made billions because of it. It’s called creativity, and everyone has it. It’s just a matter of learning how to spark what’s already there, and exploit it for all it’s worth. In this workshop, participants bring a project to the table that needs new thinking. And to get results that exceed expectations, they learn strategies to help stimulate creativity and make the most of innovation. Complementary workshops are available for both individual contributors and managers.

Building My Brand

Your brand is your reputation in the workplace. You may not realize that, like a consumer product, you have an image and value proposition that represents who you are and how you are perceived. In this workshop, participants will explore the brands of some common products and develop a branding strategy applicable to their own situation.

Getting to Know Me

Who am I? What do I bring to the table? The first step in becoming a high performing manager or employee is to learn about your style and how you come across to colleagues and co-workers. As part of this workshop, you will complete the DiSC® personal profile and learn about your style and how to apply it to your daily workplace interactions.

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