“I Can Fix That”

Solving problems and making decisions on a daily basis requires a variety of skills. From probing issues to outlining pros and cons to reaching decisions, this workshop series, the art of critical thinking, decision making and problem solving, introduces managers and employees to tools, techniques and strategies for identifying problems, and applying practicable solutions.

Keeping the Peace

Can’t we all just get along? Yes, but it takes work. And, like it or not, conflict is a natural byproduct of differing points-of-view coming together in a relatively small space. This workshop teaches managers how to recognize the signs of escalating conflict and take appropriate action to minimize damage. A course focused on individual contributors helps them deal more effectively with the workplace conflicts they may face, and how to turn friction into traction.


It starts with collaboration. No matter if your team is Forming, Storming, Norming or Performing, this practical interactive workshop gives them the opportunity to assess their development, and learn ways to interact and work together more effectively.

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